8 Superstitions About Cats That May Surprise You

8 Superstitions About Cats That May Surprise You

Our mysterious feline friends have been revered, feared, loved and hated for thousands of years. Many superstitions have been created that relate to the allegedly good or bad luck that cats can bring. Below are eight superstitions that centre around that aforementioned luck.

Never Chase A Black Cat

Apart from it not being a very nice thing to do, it is held that chasing a black cat will bring the pursuer bad luck.Superstition has it that a woman who once chased a black cat from her door went on to lose twenty-three relatives over a period of several years.

If You Forget To Feed A Cat

Ever forgotten to feed your cat? Apparently it means that it is going to rain on Wednesday.

If by chance you did miss kitty's feeding time you will be able to get the heads up about Wednesday's rainfall as it has been said that rain is on its way if a cat's whiskers are drooping!

Stray Cat Strutting

If you find yourself being followed by a stray cat then be pleased... this is a sign of good luck.

Make Sure You Don't Do This

Superstition holds that it is bad luck to step on a cat and also that rheumatism will develop in a leg that kicks a cat. Stepping over a cat has also been associated with the bringing of bad luck.

Dream About Cats?

Yes, there are even superstitions about cats in dreams!

Allegedly if you find yourself dreaming about a tabby then this will bring good luck to your home, dreaming of a tortoise-shell cat means you are lucky in love and if you want to hit the jackpot financially or in business then it has been said that dreaming of a ginger cat is the way to go!

Cats On The High Seas

A superstition, amongst sailors, that has held for many years is that it is good luck to have a cat aboard the ship for the journey. Given the potential for rat infestations on board the old sailing vessels, it is understandable that our feline friends were seen as lucky.

Wedding Day Good Fortune

It is a sign that the marriage is to be a happy one if a cat sneezes near the bride on her wedding day.

Cats And Cold Weather

If a cat is laying down with all four of its paws tucked underneath while it is sleeping then this is said to be a sign that cold weather is approaching.

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