Record Setting Cats

Record Setting Cats

THE SMALLEST CAT EVER:  The smallest cat on record was a male blue point Himalayan-Persian named Tinker Toy.  He measured only 7 cm (2.75 in) tall and 19 cm (7.5 in) long when he became a full grown cat at the age of 2.5 years.  The much-loved cat were owned by Katrina and Scott Forbes of Taylorville, Illinois (United States).  He was born on December 25, 1990 as the runt of a 6-kitten litter; he died in November 1997 at 6 years old.

THE RICHEST CAT: Ben Rea of the UK died in May 1988 and he bequeathed his £7 million fortune to Blackie.  Blackie was the last surviving cat of 15, who have all shared his mansion.  The millionair antiques dealer and recluse refused to recognize his family in his will and split the majority of his wealth between three cat charities, with instructions to look after his beloved pet.

 THE MOST EXPENSIVE CAT: A Californian Spangled cat was purchased for $24,000 in January of 1987.  He was displayed on the Neiman Marcus Christmas book.

 THE NEWEST BREED OF CAT:  As seen on the right of this article is a Selkirk Rex.  It's sometimes known as a Poodle Cat because of its thick curly fur, which is actually made up of three separate layers.  It is recognized by the University of Veterinary Medicine (U.S.), the International Cat Association, the American Cat Fanciers Association, and the Cat Fanciers' Association.

THE FIRST DOMESTICATED CAT: French scientists led by Professor Jean Guilaine of the CNRS Centre d'Anthropologie in Toulouse, France, unearthed evidence of domestication dating back 9,500 years.  In the neolithic village of Shillourokambos on Cyprus, it was found that the position of the cat next to the bones of a human and similarly manner of preservation strongly suggests that they were buried together.  The professor announced it in the journal Science in April 2004.

THE FIRST NAMED CAT: The earliest known cat name was Nedjem (meaning "sweet" or "pleasant"), dating back to the reign of Thutmose III (1479 - 1425 BC).

 THE FIRST PIANO CONCERTO FOR A CAT: Titled "Catcerto" is a 4-minute piano concerto composed by Mindaugas Pie?aitis of Lithuania.  Pie?aitis watched a YouTube video of Nora "playing" a melody on the piano in 2009.  The concerto is meant to be played with a full orchestra.  It was played for the first time at the Klaipeda Cncert Hall in Klaipeda, Lithuania with a  projected video footage of Nora's video.  Nora was a rescued cat from Cherry Hill, New Jersey (U.S.).  In 2009 Nora was named Cat of the Year in the annual ASPCA Humane Award. I think you will be impressed with this video:






THE LONGEST CAT WHISKERS:  Missi, a Maine coon from Iisvesi, Finland, and owned by Kaija Kyllönen, had whiskers that measured 19 cm (7.5 in).  Born on December 30, 2001 as Fullmoon's Miss American Pie she was officially measured on December 22, 2005.

LOUDEST PURR BY A DOMESTIC CAT: Oh yes, there is a record for this, just watch the video below.  Merlin, owned by Tracy Westwood in Torquay, Devon (UK), was recorded on April 2, 2015.  The purr was officially pronounced the purr at 67.8 db.  Merlin is 13 years old.  You can read about Merlin's story at Guiness World Records: Rescue cat Merlin sets new world record for loudest purr .





LONGEST JUMP BY A CAT: On October 27, 2013, Alley jumped 182.88 cm (6 ft.) in Austin, Texas (U.S.), where the cat lives with owner Samantha Martin.

MOST TOES ON A CAT: Jake, a male ginger tabby, has 28 toes, with seven on each paw.  It was officially counted by a veterinarian on September 24, 2002.  He lives with owners Michelle and Paul Contant in Bonfield, Ontario (Canada).

 THE LONGEST LIVING CAT:  Ashley Reed was 7 years old when she received Corduroy as a pet on August 1, 1989.  As of July 6, 2015, Corduroy was 25 years and 339 days when he received the honour.  They live in Sisters, Oregon (U.S.).  Wow!


LONGEST FUR ON A CAT: Sophie, owner of Jami Smith in Oceanside, California (U.S.) was officially given a certificate of having the longest fur on a domesticated cat that measured 25.68 cm (10.11 in.). 

THE LONGEST DOMESTICATED CAT EVER: Measured on August 28, 2010, Mymains Stewart Gilligan (aka Stewie), a Maine Coon, measured 123 cm (48.5 in.) long.  She lived with Robin Hendrickson and Erik Brandsness.  Unfortunately she passed away in January 2013.

The longest domestic cat ever was Mymains Stewart Gilligan (aka Stewie) at 123 cm (48.5 in) long. He was owned by Robin Hendrickson and Erik Brandsness (USA) and was measured on 28 August 2010. Stewie passed away in January 2013.  You can read her story at RIP Stewie - World's longest cat passes away and watch the video below.




THE TALLEST SCRATCHING TREE: At Pet Tree Houses in West Linn, Oregon (U.S.) you will find a scratching tree that measures 5.14 m (16 ft 10 in.), as was recognized on October 17, 2014.  It was built by Joseph and Shelly DelRocco as a means for the cats to travel between the ground and upper floors where they live.


 THE SHORTEST CAT: Lilieput is a 9 year old female munchkin and was officially pronounced the shortest cat when she was measured at 13.34 cm (5.25 in.) from the floor to the shoulders  on July 19, 2013 in Napa, California (U.S.).  Lilieput is owned by Christel Young.

LONGEST FUR ON A CAT:  Colonel Meow, a Himalayan-Persian cat, holds the record since 2014 with his 22.87 cm (9 in.) fur.  He reached a certain fame with his own website, Facebook page and a YouTube channel that has had over 2 million views.  Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief, Craig Glenday, said: “Colonel Meow was one of the most memorable, charismatic and paw-pular record holders of recent years".


I hope you enjoyed reading this.  As you know, this is just a fraction of what Guiness put together.  So if you want more world records, just head on to the Guiness World Records website!

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